Sparking the Fire

Sparking the Fire

Sparking the Fire

by Lavra Tamutus

What is high social impact art?

Social impact is making a positive difference in the lives of sentient beings. Glitxz is founded upon the idea that society isn't decent enough (and can be), and that the social impact of the people who are decent isn’t high enough (and can be).

You don’t get alignment between billions of people on key issues through an echo chamber. What does create global concord about the need to dismantle reigning institutions and cultures? Truth. Correctness. Thinking creatively and logically towards compassionate reinvention. That’s what it takes to get onto the same page about what progress looks like. And that’s why we don’t specify what direction our social impact should go.

If you want the world to be good, if you listen to and learn from people, you just naturally end up believing that black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, and capitalism has spun out of control towards its logical destination of mass exploitation by power-hungry psychopaths.

Better conclusions about what to do about the world's problems reveal themselves organically to anybody who stops to look at everything that's going on. There is a quite reachable threshold of knowledge at which you can reliably have the right idea about how to meet your community needs. A point where you know enough to safely say you're on the right side of history.

Without asking the individual members of our workers cooperative, I can be confident that we hold in common a great deal of beliefs that stem from balancing the mere two core tenets of acting compassionately and feeling liberationally. The really cool thing about the perspective that art offers us is that we don’t need to change your mind to communicate what we mean. The Art, Fashion, Gaming triumvirate platforms us to show you the world we envision via visual, physical, and experiential forms. Our success is measured by how much we expand your mind. Truth is out there in the world. You see it when you open your eyes.

What we hope will set us Glitxz creators apart is our commitment to raising the bar for how much change we can make in the world around us. We aim to be the kind of people who stand up for causes that matter when it counts. We do not identify as artists to escape a commitment to act. Rather, we recognize that platforming exponentiates success. Action happens at greater scale when the plans spread virally.

Glitxz platforms visions of a just world, satisfying lives, complementarity of diverse perspectives, and anything else that we think the world is missing. For my part, I intend to imbue meaning as densely as possible. I hope to aesthetically convey the possibilities I dream about and map out safe paths towards that bright future.

If you care for the mechanics rather than the platitudes, I’ll tell you exactly what I want to make. For all the theoretical systems that I’ve learned about or invented, my art will diagram or exemplify how those systems work, contrasting with contemporary dread.

Gift economy.

Green factories.

Cooperative formation.

I want simply to spread ideas, where the mechanism for going viral is simply existing in a space wearing a shirt I’ve designed, or by putting a sticker up somewhere inoffensive where laypersons will see it. Getting information out rapidly, in a way that catches on by word of mouth, is how grassroots action can sum to great deeds.

Divergence from the way others express themselves defines me, so I intrinsically can’t speak for the ways my cooperative comrades define high social impact. If you think my way is cooler, don’t. Each of our approaches will naturally be better than all the others, from a certain vantage point. All of those views, ledges on the mountain of kindness and embodied enjoyment that awaits us working class and disabled folks if we band together to create a commons that provisions us all better material wealth than the BS rations we get from capitalism.

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